Got constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome or other gut issues? Want to improve your GUT HEALTH?

How does FERMENTED FOOD improve your gut health?

1. Improves food ABSORPTION because triggers digestive enzymes
2. Triggers PROBIOTIC activity to restore friendly bacteria in your gut destroyed by medications such as antibiotics, alcohol, smoking, sugar, gluten/wheat & soy
3. Stimulates METABOLISM so can trigger weight loss
4. Boosts IMMUNE SYSTEM since rich in vitamin C, iron & zinc
5. Boosts BRAIN HEALTH health so can reduce anxiety & depression
6. Boosts HEART HEALTH & blood pressure

Did you know that the Asian diet typically promotes a healthier gut & less inflammation because it includes fermented foods which enhances digestion.

Here are fermented foods that improve gut health

• Sauerkraut
• Kimchi
• Seaweed salad
• Miso
• Tempeh
• Beets
• Pickles