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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 3

25 Home Practices & Tools for Peak Holistic Health & Wellness

Hear Julianne O’Dwyer with Laura Di Franco, MPT, Publisher, Brave Healer Productions, and two other contributing authors, Dr. Elle Provencher & Lisa Karasek, who discuss practical steps they used to overcome health challenges taking a holistic, natural approach.

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How can this guide help improve your health — physically, mentally & emotionally?

IF YOU ARE LOSING HOPE about improving your health, mental focus, or emotional well-being, my fellow authors & I have experienced similar desperation! You are not alone.

This guide contains pain relief secrets doctors don’t share! What if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything?

I’m guessing you’d want to know it. This book gives you 25 innovative ideas. You’ll learn from 25 holistic health experts who specialize in unique modalities for peak mind, body, soul health, and wellness. 

Most self-treatment books concentrate on only one modality. This is a powerful toolkit and a rare find; the collaborative energy, effort, intention, and love from over two dozen practitioners and healers who’ve made our lives about HELPING PEOPLE LIKE YOU THRIVE!

You’ll experience healing when you practice the tools with our patient guidance. And don’t be surprised if you resonate deeply with our lives and heath recovery stories!

The information here is not meant to replace the advice or instructions of your physician or other healthcare practitioners. Check-in with them before you take on any exercise, tool, or practice which is new to you.


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