VIRTUAL Healthy Aging Summit – 50 Longevity & Healthy Aging Experts

Join Julianne & 49 Longevity & Healthy Aging experts for a 5-day virtual summit on how to overcome age-related health challenges or declining mental fitness.

Imagine what life could be like if you could finally stop worrying about losing your health & independence as you age and instead enjoy a vibrant life!

Learn top tips to LONGEVITY & VITALITY!

· Improve vitality

· Reverse aging

· Reduce aches

· Enhance sleep

· Improve digestion

· Improve athletic performance & recovery



An avid fitness enthusiast, hiker & skier, Julianne moved to Colorado after she graduated with an international MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, Arizona in 1999.

Unfortunately, Julianne experienced a catastrophic crash of her health due to several serious health issues. And that was on top of debilitating back/neck/shoulder/ leg discomfort due to car accidents & sports injuries. Through trial & error with taking a natural approach she recovered her health.

As a Health Coach at National Integrated Health Associates for several years, Julianne worked with clients to support their bodies with lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplementation, hydration with alkaline water, cellular rebuilding with REDOX technology & detoxification techniques. Now, she works independently from her home in Reston, Virginia.

Also, as an Adventure Travel Consultant, Julianne helps adventurers achieve their health, life & adventure goals leveraging her experience trekking in Nepal, Switzerland, Colorado, California & Virginia.

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