Steps to avoid toxins in personal care products to improve skin & health

Julianne O’Dwyer
Health Coach
Adventure Travel Consultant


Did you know?

  • About 80% of women who develop breast cancer have no family history of disease. Environmental chemicals, including those that disrupt your body’s hormone systems (endocrine-disrupting chemicals) are thought to play a significant role, according to Dr Julia Brody, Silent Spring Institute
  • In Europe, more than 1,300 chemicals are banned from personal care products but in US, only 11 chemicals are banned
  • The average US women uses 12 personal care products and/or cosmetics a day, containing 168 different dangerous chemicals
  • Products containing FRAGRANCES are almost always loaded with synthetic chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity, allergies
  • Antibacterial handsoap contains TRICLOSAN, a harmful chemical linked to cancer, endocrine & fetal development disruption, thyroid dysfunction, weight gain

Hear Julianne O’Dwyer share cutting edge information from the Environmental Working Group, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, OSHA & leading researchers on the significant impact personal care products/cosmetics is having on your health!

  • Learn ingredients which should be avoided & which are safe
  • Become aware of many ingredients that are NOT regulated in US but are banned by European Union for health reasons
  • Equip yourself with tools needed to make smart choices for products you use every day

Hear practical steps you can take to find healthy personal care products that nourish & protect on your skin & health. Don’t you want your family to be safe & healthy?

700am, Thursday, 5/9/19
Entrepreneur breakfast meeting
Cost: $20 

River Creek Club
43800 Olympic Blvd
Leesburg, VA 20176

RSVP: julianneodwyer(at)

An avid hiker & skier who moved to Virginia from Colorado, Julianne experienced a catastrophic crash of her health due to several autoimmune conditions, including a hormone & thyroid imbalance, toxicity from mercury amalgam fillings, candida, Lyme disease & chronic fatigue/Epstein-Barr. And that was on top of chronic pain due to several car accidents. Through trial & error with various health care approaches & hundreds of supplements, Julianne learned how to heal naturally without the use of anitibiotics, opioids or other medications.

As a result of her triumphant return back to health, she left her international consulting & then corporate life to help people, especially athletes, overcome their own health challenges. As a health coach at National Integrated Health Associates for several years, Julianne learned how to support clients with lifestyle changes, including nutrition, supplementation, hydration with alkaline water, cellular rebuilding with ASEA & detoxification techniques.

Julianne launched 2 health coaching programs to help people take charge of their health: & to help people prepare for travel adventures that are physically demanding, such as the high altitudes of Nepal, Switzerland, Colorado or the Appalachian Trail.

Julianne O’Dwyer
Health Coach
Adventure Travel Consultant



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