Impact of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones & wireless devices on health & steps to reduce exposure

EMPOWERMENT SERIES: Thursday, 6/6/19, 7PM at RISE Well-Being Center

Why are rates of autism, cancer, diabetes, ADD, dementia, hormone imbalances, weight issues, depression, anxiety & chronic pain increasing so dramatically? Is there a link to exposure from cell phones & wireless devices & low energy, poor sleep, poor digestion, immune, mental health & disease?

What steps can you take to reduce impact of wireless devices, lower your exposure, release toxic build-up & rebuild your immune system so you have more energy, better sleep, better digestion, balanced hormones, improved mental focus, stronger immune system & enhanced athletic performance/recovery?

An avid hiker & skier who moved from Virginia to Colorado, Julianne experienced a catastrophic crash of her health due to several autoimmune conditions, including a hormone & thyroid imbalance, toxicity from mercury amalgam fillings, candida, Lyme disease & chronic fatigue/Epstein-Barr. And that was on top of chronic pain due to several car accidents. Through trial & error with various health care approaches & hundreds of supplements, Julianne learned how to heal naturally without the use of antibiotics or other medications. As a result of her triumphant return back to health, she left her corporate life to help people, especially athletes, overcome their own health challenges. As a health coach at National Integrated Health Associates for several years, Julianne learned how to teach clients to support their bodies with lifestyle changes, including nutrition, supplementation, hydration with alkaline water, cellular rebuilding with ASEA & detoxification techniques.

Julianne  launched to help people overcome chronic health issues & prepare for travel adventures that are physically demanding, such as the high altitudes of Nepal, Switzerland & Colorado or long hikes on the Appalachian Trail.

Cost: $10 (room rental fee)


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