Rejuvenate Your Health

Steps to “Spring Clean” or Detoxify Your Body
Lose weight, reverse aging & enhance vitality


Julianne O’Dwyer
Health Coach
Adventure Travel Consultant

Enjoy the BENEFITS of releasing toxic buildup:

Increase vitality

Reverse aging

Beat chronic health conditions

Enhance athletic performance & recovery

Stimulate metabolism & lose weight

Improve mental focus

Enhance emotional well-being

Our society is increasingly exposed to toxins that are a significant contributor to the rise of chronic illness and disease.

Unfortunately, the rate of toxicity in our society is much higher than it was when our parents were growing up, and this means that we need to be more vigilant and diligent in terms of detoxifying our bodies and leading a healthy lifestyle.

“More than 80,000 harmful chemicals, in the form of pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic additives, environmental pollutants (and mercury amalgam  fillings), assault your body every day. Do you know what all these poisons, many of them hidden in your food and in your home/office, are doing to your health? They make you tired, fat and sick more often than you should be!”
– Nutritionist & Detox Pioneer, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Toxicities that impact our physical, mental, & emotional health:
  • Foods grown with pesticides
  • Poor quality, chlorinated water
  • Exhaust fumes from autos & airplanes
  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) from phones, computers, & wireless devices
  • Mercury amalgam fillings
  • Commercial household cleansers
  • Mold & chemicals in our homes
  • Personal care products (cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants) that contain harmful ingredients
The problem with toxic buildup is that it accumulates in your body year after year and may compromise your health & vitality, cause weight gain & slow down your athletic performance and recovery.

Can the body sufficiently release toxins without assistance?

The body is a marvelous machine and can eliminate much of the “bad stuff” we encounter in day-to-day living.  But, unfortunately, you cannot always rely on your own natural mechanisms to remove toxic build-up from the body.  If your body is compromised in any way space – space illness, infection, a poor immune function, poor stress management, chronic disease or inflammation space–space it has to work harder to detoxify. Similar to a car engine, which requires regular oil changes to function optimally, your body needs “internal cleansing.” When toxins are not removed from your body, they rot and get reabsorbed, which leads to ill health and may contribute to or actually be the root cause of unhealthy conditions.

Benefits of DETOXIFYING your Body:


Improves skin


Enhances vitality


Improves sleep


Enhances digestion


Boosts immune system


Increases metabolism


Enhances athletic performance & recovery


Reduces inflammation & restores your body


Helps prevent kidney & gallstones


Combats parasites


Helps prevent disease

The Full-Body Impact of Detoxification

Unfortunately, the waste from our food can sit in our colon for weeks before being eliminated causing stress to our overloaded liver, which is our key filter or “detoxifier” organ, as it works to detoxify our bodies. But how can our livers properly metabolize fat when they are assaulted by this daily dose of toxic buildup?

“A healthy diet is essential to health. But any diet that does not support liver and colon function is not going to work in the long term. If the liver is not healthy and functioning normally, the fats in our diet will not be digested and this fat and cholesterol will circulate in our blood leading to obesity and ill health. What is the point of struggling to manage our food intake if our organs are giving way under the strain of processing a toxic overload?”
– Anne Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Approximately 20% of toxins exit your body through your skin, lymphatic system/lungs, & kidneys. The remaining 80% of toxins exit through your liver & colon/large intestine

So, it is essential to take steps to flush or cleanse these organs:

  1. Skin
  2. Lymphatic system/lungs
  3. Kidneys
  4. Colon/Large intestine
  5. Liver