I developed CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME as a result of sitting and typing at a work station that was NOT COMFORTABLE AND ERGONOMIC. However, I beat it with the following steps.

In addition to engaging in regular MASSAGE, EXERCISE and YOGA to stretch and relax my muscles and soft tissue, I used the following steps to improve my work space so it became more ergonomic and stopped causing harm to my back, shoulders, neck and wrists:

 View my computer screen and monitor with a straight neck at a comfortable viewing height so I am not looking down
 Put my screen sideways to a bright window to avoid glare that causes visual eye strain
 View paper documents with a vertical document holder to avoid moving my head up and down so that my neck is straight
 Put my keyboard and mouse at a comfortable height in front of me to avoid compressing the nerves in my neck, arms & hands
 Do not use a soft, squishy wrist rest
 Alternate between typing/mousing and using voice input
 Sit back in my chair instead of sitting upright. I avoid leaning forward which puts pressure on my head and spine
 When sitting at my desk, I rest my feet flat on either the floor or a foot support
 Avoid doing computer work on my bed or sofa
 Stand up, take breaks and walk around periodically