REASONS to reduce coffee intake  

  1. Dehydrates which contributes to range of health issues
  2. Can reduce the quality of your sleep
  3. Can raise your blood pressure
  4. Can raise your anxiety level
  5. Can affect your mood
  6. Can give you artificial energy boost but increasingly need more to sustain
  7. Addictive
  8. Not organic & costly if you buy at Starbucks, Panera
  9. Can cause tooth decay & staining
  10. Not organic & costly if you buy at Starbucks, Panera

STEPS to reduce coffee intake & change your lifestyle

  1. In morning, drink 1 cup of hot water with lemon BEFORE coffee & breakfast which will fill you up & help hydrate you after sleeping which can increase your energy, digestion, immune system; lemons detoxify your liver which is a filter for your digestive system
  2. After breakfast, drink 2-3 glasses of water BETWEEN BREAKFAST & LUNCH and lunch & dinner to continue hydrating
  3. Prepare organically-grown coffee AT HOME (prepare at night?) instead of buying at Starbucks (healthier & cheaper so you can spend more on organic food & beverages)
  4. Avoid sugar, milk additives to coffee
  5. Drink organic, herbal, non-caffeinated tea – ginger, matcha, yerba mate,
  6. In morning, drink energy boosting drink with water, almond milk, aloe vera in blender mixed with probiotics, protein powder, flax seed powder, maca powder & supplements (open supplements & pour powder into glass)
  7. Drink freshly, squeezed vegetable juice