Ovarian cancer caused by Johnson & Johnson baby powder

  • $4.6 billion verdict awarded to Krystal Kim & 9000 plaintiffs who developed ovarian cancer or mesothelioma (heart, lung, abdomen) using Johnson & Johnson asbestos-lased cosmetic talcum baby powder
  • For decades, Johnson & Johnson had proof baby powder causes cancer but failed to warn consumers

How do commercial, toxic personal care products harm your health? 

  1. Skin is your largest & thinnest organ so it absorbs chemicals from housecleaning products
  2. Chemicals on skin absorbed straight into bloodstream without filtering so trigger toxic/acidic internal environment
  3. Comparison: Chemicals on skin/scalp worse than eating food with chemicals because enzymes in saliva & stomach break down chemicals & flush from body but skin has no filter

How can you identify healthy, non-toxic personal care products?
First step is to check out Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database