In the US, increasing rates of weight gain, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, ADD, depression, brain fog, dementia, adrenal gland burnout, poor sleep, low energy & poor digestion are impacted by what we EAT! The standard American diet (SAD) is comprised of approximately 80% INFLAMMATORY foods such as meat, seafood, starches (bread, pasta, muffins, pancakes), sugar, commercial dairy, soda, alcohol, coffee & marijuana which are acid-forming. And only about 20% of SAD is vegetables & fruit, which are alkaline-forming food.

To reverse this trend and reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system, reduce aches & pains & increase your energy, consider reversing the ratio! For the next month, try to increase your vegetable & fruit intake to approximately 80% of your diet and reduce the acid-forming foods to approximately 20%. I find it is much easier to make lifestyle changes GRADUALLY – a few changes each day and week until they become a habit.

Here are some suggestions on anti-inflammatory, healthy foods:

  • Dark leafy greens (salad dressing: olive, hemp, avocado or macademia oil)
  • Freshly squeezed green, vegetable juice
  • Variety of cooked & raw vegetables
  • root vegetables: beets, carrots, parsnips, radishes, yuca, celery root, Jerusalem artichokes, ginger, onions (stir fry in coconut oil)
  • gourds: spaghetti squash, butternut squash, pumpkin (cook in oven for 45-60 minutes)
  • Wild Alaska salmon & sardines (be certain no mercury)
  • Avocado
  • Fermented foods: seaweed (iodine), sauerkraut, kimchi
  • Grains: Quinoa, millet & amaranth
  • Seeds: chia, flax, pumpkin & hemp
  • Nuts: Walnuts, almonds
  • Lemons, limes, berries & cranberries
  • Apple cider vinegar