One of the most effective treatments I have undergone over the past 20 years to recover from several autoimmune & chronic pain issues includes intravenous vitamin therapy (IVs). It involves a nutritional or therapeutic substance which is injected directly into your vein that quickly enters the circulatory system. Intravenous administration provides a quick, direct and effective method for the body to absorb and utilize therapeutic substances. It bypasses the gastrointestinal tract (GI) so yields faster absorption. And when glutathione, the master detoxifier, is added to a vitamin IV, it helps flush more toxins from the cells.

Health benefits of IV treatments:

  • Delivers substances more quickly and more effectively to the body than oral solutions
  • Corrects nutritional and biochemical deficiencies
  • Boosts immune function
  • Detoxifies
  • Reduces inflammation

In Washington, DC/Virginia area, I undergo vitamin IVs at the following clinics:

In Virginia, Nisha Patel, Nurse practitioner, Renewed Health & Wellness in Ashburn, VA writes prescription & administer IVs herself.

In Washington, DC, Dr Randy Gastwirt, Naturopathic Physician, National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA), requires a consultation & then writes a prescription & then refers you to NIHA IV lab, where nurses administer IVs.  Prescription are transferable so can be used at other clinics.

Contact me for a recommendation on clinics in Colorado where I obtained vitamin IVs when I lived in Denver.