Do you feel groggy in the morning until you have your first cup of coffee? No wonder! Most of us wake up dehydrated with low blood sugar because we don’t drink water or eat while sleeping. Instead of grabbing coffee first thing in the morning, why not drink a glass of water followed by a high energy, protein drink?! Your body absorbs liquids more efficiently than food, so less energy is required to digest a protein drink than eat eggs, bacon, toast, muffins, bagels etc.

Benefits of drinking a protein drink in the morning include

  1. Absorbed more efficiently than food
  2. Increases energy
  3. increases metabolism
  4. Stabilizes blood sugar so you avoid drops in energy
  5. Reduces inflammation
  6. Maintains muscle

In my protein drink, I include a variety of powders and supplements (I open capsules and pour ingredients in my protein drink for optimal absorption) and alternate among the following:

Protein powder – gluten free, non-diary, non-soy
Chlorella – green super food detoxifies mercury & other heavy metals & alkalizes pH
Wheatgrass or spirulina – green super food oxygenates & alkalizes pH
Flax powder – nutrients, antioxidants, omega 3 fats (not produced by body) helps heart
Maca powder – balances hormones, mood, energy, libido
Chia seed powder – antioxidants, fiber, protein, calcium
Beet powder – cleanses liver to prevent bile congestion
*Probiotic – ASEA VIA Biome promotes healthy bacteria in gut
*Multivitamin – ASEA VIA Source does not contain copper
*Anti-aging herbal – ASEA VIA Lifemax contains astragalus, gotu kola & French cantaloupe

*See me for information on ASEA’s product lines as I am an associate. AVOID ordering ASEA supplements (or ANY supplements) on amazon because fake, knock offs sold in volume.