Do you bake at the holidays? Want some ideas on how to replace those sugar, cream and synthetic ingredients, which pack on the calories and slow down your energy, with healthy alternatives?

Here are suggestions on healthy cooking substitutes

  1. Instead of wheat flour, replace with gluten-free almond, coconut, buckwheat or amaranth flour
  2. In your soups and dips, replace heavy cream with coconut milk, which is delicious for about half the calories
  3. Instead of chocolate chips in your cookies, replace with cacao nibs, which contain antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause illness and add natural peanut butter
  4. Instead of confectioner sugar, replace with egg whites and raw honey
  5. Instead of spaghetti or marina sauce from a jar or can that contain sugar, replace with fresh tomatoes that taste fresher and have vitamins
  6. Instead of using white sugar in deserts, replace with vanilla, stevia, unsweetened applesauce or banana
  7. Instead of cheese, replace with nutritional yeast flakes which are lighter and fewer calories
  8. Instead of butter or margarine, replace with avocado or prunes
  9. Instead of sugary frosting, replace with plain Greek yoghurt (raw yoghurt preferred) and add fresh blueberries, strawberries, blackberries or cranberries