Considering a beach vacation?

Here are 8 reasons why BEACHING is healthy for you!

  • Salt water is good for your skin & body as it is full of minerals like sodium, chloride, magnesium & calcium
  • Sand is a natural exfoliant for your skin and feet, so walking on the beach is almost as good as a foot massage
  • Sea breeze is good for your brain because it is full of negative ions that help purify blood, revitalize cell metabolism & boost your immune system
  • Sunshine is a great source of vitamin D, which supports your immune, lung & cardiovascular health, along with reducing depression & anxiety
  • Heart rate improves as you walk, run or play volleyball on the beach
  • Sleep improves because sea air is stocked with healthy negative ions, which accelerate your capacity to absorb oxygen
  • Watching ocean waves, sunsets & sunrises reduces stress
  • Exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from cell phones & wireless devices is reduced; EMFs weaken your immune system, brain & heart health, as they trigger inflammation in your body which damages cells