6 steps to cut sugar cravings

Americans rely heavily on processed food, which is simply loaded with sugar, especially fructose. Consuming fructose increases your hunger and desire for food more than glucose, the main type of sugar found in starchy foods.

How does SUGAR harm your health?

  • Causes weight gain
  • Increases heart disease
  • Increases risk of diabetes
  • May increase depression
  • Causes wrinkles
  • Shifts pH in your body to be more acidic

Cut sugar cravings with anti-yeast, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial food, herbs, spices

  1. Drink Pau D’arco tea
  2. Add garlic to your diet & put slices in your water
  3. Drink tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water
  4. Apply oil of oregano to tongue or take supplements
  5. Eat more alkaline-forming foods including green leafy vegetables
  6. Drink alkaline water (avoid plastic containers which contain chemicals; see me for recommendations)