Naturally, homemade soups are the healthiest option because you can buy & cook your own organically grown veggies & bone broth. Unfortunately, packet soup are usually very high in sodium (salt) with the average packet soup containing a HUGE 800-1200mg of sodium, which is approximately under half of the daily recommended sodium limit.

Here are 10 health benefits of drinking soup:

  1. Hydrates because high water content
  2. Nutrient-rich as you add veggies, lentils beans or grass-fed meat
  3. Warms you up from INSIDE OUT during winter
  4. Helps you lose weight because more readily absorbed than chewing food
  5. Helps you feel full & stabilizes blood sugar
  6. Easy to digest
  7. Drinking soup made from bone broth cooked with animal bones, tendons & ligaments is high in collagen & glycine,  which has an anti-inflammatory impact & builds immune system
  8. Clears sinus/nasal passages
  9. Inexpensive as you throw those leftover foods into your soup
  10. Can be frozen & reheated

Here are tasty soup recommendations that can promote digestive health, lower inflammation & stabilize blood sugar 

Pumpkin/squash soup – cook pumpkin or squash in oven & then add to bone broth
Cabbage soup – add garlic & onion spices
Miso soup – add kelp & dulse spices
Tomato soup – add basil & thyme spices
Lentil soup – add ginger

If you do not have time to cook your own soup, check out 100 Bowels of Soup which offers vegan soups & grass-fed bone broths at its storefront in Herndon, VA
Mom’s Organic Market in VA, DC & MD carries 100 Bowels of Soup lines