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An avid hiker & skier who moved to Virginia from Colorado, where she lived after
graduating from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Julianne experienced a catastrophic crash of her health due to several autoimmune conditions and longstanding back/neck/shoulder issues due to car accidents and sports injuries. Through trial and error with various health care approaches and hundreds of supplements, Julianne learned how to heal taking a natural approach.

As a result of her triumphant return back to health, she left her international consulting and then her corporate life to help people, especially athletes, overcome their own health challenges. As a Health Coach at National Integrated Health Associates for several years, Julianne worked with clients to support their bodies with lifestyle changes, including nutrition, supplementation, hydration with alkaline water, cellular rebuilding with REDOX technology and detoxification techniques. Now, she works as an independent Health Coach out of her home in Reston, VA.

As a result, Julianne launched a health coaching program to help people take charge of their health www.healthylivingwithjulianne.com and www.trekkingwithjulianne.com to participate in adventure travels to Nepal and eventually Kilimanjaro and Peru.

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 3

25 Home Practices & Tools for Peak Holistic Health & Wellness

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